Middle Aged

Everyone meet our next resident ….. Lana.💜 This girl is nearly 4 years old and is a shihtzu. She sadly found herself in our care due to her owner passing away and no one wanting her. Resulting in a neighbour looking after her and Lana living outside.💔 When she arrived with us, she was very matted and confused. However she soon settled with her foster parent. She is currently in foster with four other ex Almost Home Dog Rescue residents and has met a lot of other dogs whilst going to work with her foster mum.🐶 Thankfully her foster mum is a dog groomer and has managed to make Lana feel and smell a lot better. She can finally see again and walk without pain. Her nails were awfully long and sore!😣 Lana has passed a healtcheck and started her vaccinations. She is booked in to be spayed and have her ears deep cleaned at the same time due to the build up of wax.🫶🏼 This girl has been perfectly well behaved with people and dogs. She’s happy to be handled and enjoys having a cuddle. ❤️‍🩹 Lana has been a good house guest and really enjoys going for walks and to see what the world has to offer. Someone is going to be very lucky to adopt this girl!🏡😇 Please share this lovely dinky girl far and wide so she can get the home she deserves.♥️ Remember to compete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;