Everyone meet our next dog from the pound…. Lacey!🧡 Lacey is a 1 year old lurcher who came in via a local pound. When she arrived at the pound is was clear to see she has a rough ride so far. She has a few cuts, her coat was in a bad way and needed some TLC!💔❤️‍🩹 This young active girl is coming along brilliantly. She’s been amazing with the other dogs. Lacey loves to play, typically rough play as lurchers do 😜 She’s starting to understand what toys are as well. ♥️ When out and about Lacey loves to learn about new things. She’s good in traffic and happy walking with or without other dogs. Lacey enjoys being with you and doing what you’re doing. 💛 This girl travels well and is happy to be handled without an issue. She’s passed a full healthcheck and started her vaccinations. Lacey is booked in to be spayed soon as well.😘 We are looking for an active home where Lacey can have loads of zoomies and love. She adores her food and is a good eater. She could possibly live with older dog savvy children.👍🏽 Please share, far and wide so we can find her the forever home she needs.🧡 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;