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Everyone say hi to our next poundie..... Kingsley!💙 This little lad who is around 3/4 years old. He has clearly been through hell back - he has a lot of scars in his face, neck and shoulder. He has a few scrabs still around his shoulders too. 💔💔 However he doesn’t let this stop him, he still loves a tennis ball and will play all day. Kingsley is in foster with Staffie and JRT who no issues whatsoever. He loves his cuddles too. Kingsley travels well in the car and loves adventures!😘 Considering what this guy has been been through, he is amazingly friendly and trusting! 💙(But that’s why dogs are amazing!)đŸ¶ The vet has seen this guy today. They are happy with his wounds and the way they are healing. He has re started his vaccinations and booked in for neutering. đŸŸ Whoever has this lad, needs to understand terriers and their needs. He is going to be a active yet, very clever lad who will need entertaining! đŸ¶ Please complete the form below with as much details as possible, if you are interested in adoption;