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Everyone meet our next poundie ….. Kenzo.🖤 Sadly this young lad found himself in the pound and no one came back for him. He’s around 10 months old and is a black lab. 😍 Kenzo is typical of the breed, he is full of life and fun. Very clever and extremely active. He is still very puppy like and needs a lot of input. ✅ Someone has started training him but for whatever reason, he was at the pound. We suspect they couldn’t keep up with him day in and day out. He needs plenty of input daily. 🐾🐾 Kenzo knows basic commands and loves to play. He is always up for a walk and enjoys long hikes around the countryside. He isn’t bothered by traffic and is generally a fab lad. 🐾🐾 So far he has been brilliant with everyone and everything. However we haven’t done off lead with other dogs yet due to him not being neutered. This is booked in. Up to now, he has shown no issues with other dogs.🐶 We believe this boy would love an adventurous life full of a wide range of activities. Someone who is committed to him for the rest of his life…..the next 10 plus years ✅ Kenzo travels well and is happy to be handled. He is ok on lead but excited to start, we are carrying on this training whilst he is with us. This lad is eager to please and learn, it would be shame for that to be wasted.💙 Please do share so he can find his adventure life and family🐾🍁 Remember to compete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;