Older Only

Everyone meet our next poundie…. Katie!❤️‍🩹 Katie was a stray who was unclaimed. However she did come to us in need of some tlc. This girl hasn’t had good care for a long while!☹️ Katie is Llasa type dog who’s around 4 years old. However when she arrived she was matted, smelly and skinny. 💔 We thankfully found a foster home for Katie to go in so she can have all the love in the world. Katie is coming along well….she loves being around people and is happy when walking. 🖤 This girl travels well and loves a fuss. She’s a funny girl who enjoys plodding around the garden. She’s happy being handled and a generally good all rounder. ❤️‍🩹 It’s clear she hasn’t had her needs met in her previous place. She wasn’t groomed, had a bad flea allergy and is underweight. However she also hasn’t been socialised with other dogs. This girl is already improving with social skills and yesterday walked with two dogs all on lead!🤍 Medicinally she’s doing ok. She is eating well and has started her vaccinations. We are waiting a little while longer before her spay. 🧡 However this girl does have a dermoid cyst - which is hair that grows from the eye. We are looking at options for this girl and we will be making a decision over the next few weeks regarding her treatment. However any cost of this will be covered by the rescue. Currently the vet is thinking we maybe better to leave it, as it’s not causing any issues and looks like it never has. ❣️ We will monitor in her foster and adoptive home. For now she’s been groomed and she’s getting the tlc she needs and deserves. We need a understanding and empathic home for Katie. She could possibly live with older children however needs to be an only dog.❤️‍🩹 Please share Katie far and wide. ❣️ Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;