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Everyone meet our next poundie ….. Kai!💚 Kai is a collie cross (possibly Kelpie) who’s only slight in stature. He’s full of beans and will be a great adventure buddy!😁 This lad came in via the pound where no one came to claim him. However he was microchipped so we know his name and his date of birth - 3.5.20!🐶 Kai is a happy lad who will walk for miles, he’s good around traffic and will allow anyone to walk him! You just have to keep up!!🐾 This lad is very clever and his energy levels match it! He will need daily mental and physical stimulation. A walk isn’t enough!💪🏼 Kai has been clean in his kennel and hasn’t destroyed his bedding. He takes treats well and can do a beautiful sit and paw! Kai would be fab at fly ball as he loves to play fetch. However this is structured play time so he doesn’t become obsessed. 🧡 At the vets, he was comical as he wouldn’t stay still! However we got there in the end and he passed with flying colours. He’s in next week for neutering too!👌🏼 We are looking for active home for this lad. Someone who can meet his daily needs of exercise. He travels well in the car and is looking for the next thing to do!🤪 Please share this stunning lad! 😍 Remember complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption: