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Everyone meet our next poundie... Juno! Juno is approximately 2 years old and a patterdale terrier! She is a live-wire but a very loveable one. 😍 This little lady ADORES people and loves to sit on your knee. She is brilliant at travelling in the car and loves nothing more than a good walk! 🐾 Juno is good with dogs.Plus someone has taught her basic commands and manners, like sitting for her food!💛 This girl is a bundle of energy and needs a home which will meet her needs! She will need a lot of mental and psychical stimulation! She is a clever girl too!💚 Juno has been nose to nose with a cat whilst on lead and she was ok. However she does want to chase when the cat runs. She is most likely cat trainable with an experienced owner! 😊 This little lady passed a full health check today and loved being centre of attention at the vets. Juno is more than happy to be handled and picked up by new people!🧡 More details to follow as we learn more about her! If you love your terriers, she is exactly what you’re looking for!😍 Please share this stunning girl far and wide! Please remember that she is young and needs a home who will put a lot effort in to training and development with the help from our team!💚 Please fill in the form below if you believe you can offer this girl the home she deserves and needs!