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Everyone meet our next poundie, jolly Joey!💙 This lad is stunning, the photos for do him justice! His markings, his coat and his eyes are just😍 and what’s better ..... he has a fab personality too!😘 We have just saved Joey from the pound! 😔 We will know more information over the coming days! However here is what we know so far; This lad his approx 18 months old and is collie. Joey travels very well in the car and is more than happy to meet strangers. He has been nothing but perfect with other dogs and everyone he has met so far! 💚 Joey is a active lad and he is very bright too! He already knows; sit, down, wait, drop, leave and paw. He adores playing fetch too!🐾 He is more than happy to share food, water and toys with other dogs! He loves a cuddle too!💛 Joey is spotless in his kennel, therefore we feel he maybe housetrained. He also hasn’t destroyed his bed either!😀 The lad needs an active home, with someone who will exercise his mind and body! He would be fab for agility, obedience or fly ball🤞🏽