Everyone please say Hi to our next resident….Joey!💛 ‼️Please read full write up before applying‼️ Joey is a 16 month old French Bulldog, who is in need of an understanding and patient home. Where someone will be willing to work with us as a rescue to help Joey get over his issues. 🐾 This lad was brought in to our care due to a few different behavioural reasons. Ranging from getting out of the garden to nipping. He was at risk of being put to sleep. 💔 Since coming in to our care, Joey has been in a foster home with two other dogs. After a few days of settling in, there was a positive difference in his behaviour. For example, he was anxious when you took his lead off and he is settling better around the other two residents. 🐶 Whoever adopts Joey needs to be someone who’s had rescue dogs with behaviour issues before and someone who has the time to put in to Joey to carry on his behavioural work. We are still working and assessing this lad. 🐾 Joey is starting to enjoy the mental stimulation games such as a kong etc. He loves to learn and is slowly working out what he needs to do. 💙 However we know what type of home he needs. This is home with adults only, no cats and maybe one other dog (depending on the other dog) or no other dog within the house hold. 🙏🏼 More details to come as we start getting to know Joey a little more, the more he decompressed and the more he relaxes. We know he’s a cracking dog, we just need to get him to a point where he realises he is safe and understood. 🐶 Please keep an eye out for updates on this lad. If you feel you’re suitable please complete the form below with as much detail as possible;