Jo Jo

Middle Aged

Everyone say Hi to our beautiful resident ....JoJo/ Bonnie!💔❤️ Sadly some of you will remember this girl 😞She was rehomed last summer and unfortunately that hasn’t worked out for the owners. We now know she needs someone who wants them with her when they are in the house .... yes she wants to be your shadow 😄She is more than fine to be left for a couple of hours in the house on her own however when you’re in the house (and she knows you are) she is upset if she can’t be near you. So if you’re upstairs, she is upstairs etc. Sadly her previous adopters codnt make this work for her so she is now looking for a home again..... this time has to be her forever home! 🙌🏻💙 We are on a mission to find Jojo/Bonnie her FOREVER home. This needs to be a home with someone who wants fun, love and great company! Before she came to us she had an awful life and she had been through hell and back! She was an ex racer, then sold to a family in questionable circumstances who just kept her outside and she hadn’t seen the world at all 💔Now she has been rehomed twice😭 We know she needs a home with no other animals and someone who is willing to let her follow you around the house. She just LOVES company and WANTS to be with you, when you’re in the house. Which we don’t think is a bad thing!🥰😍 Jojo / Bonnie is a small Greyhound and is around 7/8 years old. She loves her food and toys, she is brilliant at travelling in the car. She adores cuddles and kisses. She is fab with her obedience, she knows up to 15 commands!! 😱 Jojo/Bonnie adores her kongs and her Lick mats, she’ll play all day but is equally happy to sleep by your side 😘 Jojo/Bonnie has been brilliant around children and strangers too. She only needs two 30 min walks daily however will happy have more if offered to her. She can be a little dog reactive on lead however there is a method to this which makes her calmer, quicker .... it involves a treat!😉😁 This girl has been doing well in kennels, she is happy to walk with other dogs however she can still be reactive to dogs walking towards her. She is reactive to small furies on lead too. However she is manageable and clams down well! 🐾 If you can offer this girl her forever home and you can promise to love her as much as we do, complete the form! However if you have any questions, PLEASE get in touch! Please share far and wide so we can find her her forever home; 💚 Remember to fill in the form below if you’re interested in adopting this lovable lady 😍