whippet cross
Middle Aged

Everyone meet our next resident ….. Jim!❤️‍🩹 This lad sadly found himself in our care after his owners didn’t want him anymore. He’s a 7 year old, whippet cross who’s lived outside all his life.😞 As you can see this lad really, hasn’t had the best care however his personality is fab! He loves company and just wants to be doing what you are doing. Jim travels well and walks well on lead too.🫶🏼 At the vets, he was true gentleman where he has passed a healthcheck apart from the obvious of needing to gain weight! He currently weighs 13kg and should be around 18/19kg. We have taken a blood sample to make sure there’s nothing underlying but the vet feels it’s more than likely, it’s starvation. 💔🤬 When he’s got the all clear and more weight on him, we will start vaccinations and get him neutered. For now, he is on a few small meals a day.🧡 Jim has been fine around other dogs on lead and seems to keep himself to himself. He’s a cracking lad and someone’s going to be very lucky to own him. We can already tell this lads going to enjoy home comforts. He loves his coat and cosy bed here with us 😍 Currently Jim is in a foster with a view to adopt so he maybe staying where he is. 🤞🏽 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;