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Everyone meet our next poundie…. Jett!💔 This lad is a heartbreaker. We can’t imagine how he has suffered to end up in this state and situation!! Jett came in to us via a pound after being found as a stray!😣 Jett is a whippet who’s around 3 years old. As you can see by the photos he has had a rough time. He’s covered in scars, open wounds, is extremely skinny and has had broken toes at some point.🤬😢 Yet again, another dog who’s been through hell and manages to trust humans!! This boy has the sweetest nature, he loves nothing more than cuddles and being near to you. Whoever adopts this lad, needs to be around most of the time.🏡💙 Jett went to our vets and weighed just 12kg.☹️ He needs to build muscle and body mass, he’s having tlc for his wounds and scars. Jetts on five small meals a day so his stomach doesn’t get over loaded.😞 This lad is so hungry, yet he won’t take a treat from you or from the floor, he will only eat when it’s in his bowl. He walks ok on lead and travels well. This lad bonds very fast. Jett needs a human, he can trust and rely on!🤞🏽❤️‍🩹 Once in full condition, we will get him neutered but, he isn’t strong enough yet. We have treated him for parasites and started his vaccinations. He was a star at the vets and everyone fell for his sweet nature.😘 Whilst he has been in foster, he has enjoyed exploring the house and the garden. He loves curling up on the sofa with you. This lad has a lot to learn but we know he will be able to do that in the right loving environment. Our mission is to find him the best human we can.💪🏼🤞🏽 He has been ok around dogs when passing them….we haven’t done any off lead mixing with him yet. We feel he could live with older dog savvy children. However he needs a home where someone is around most of the time.🏡😇 Please share this lovely lad far and wide.🤞🏽 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;