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Everyone meet our next pair of lovely dogs coming in to tge the rescue ... Jessie and Marley! 🥰 Jessie is the female who is 8 years old and Marley is the male who is 10 years old. Jessie is the cream and white coloured shihtzu and market is the black and white shihtzu!💚❤️ Both dogs adores human company and have lived with sensible children. They are both housetrained and happy to left for a few hours. Jessie and Marley both love the car and meeting new people.💛 On assessment both dogs were welcoming to strangers and they were happy to have a fuss. They were playing ball in the garden too! Both were ok off lead with another dog as well!🐶 Jessie and Marley are lovely dogs however have been house dogs meaning they haven’t been walked or socialised well. They have Just been around the house and the garden. However you wouldn’t know, they loved their trip to Almost Home Dog Rescue and were confident little characters! 🥰 Now we need to find them both a loving home to retire in. They are looking for a new home due to marriage break down so it’s no fault of their own!😔 Please share this fab pair far and wide!🤞🏼🙏🏼