Middle Aged

Everyone meet our next resident….. Jess!🧡 Jess is a 7 year old JRT who has found her self in our care. Her owner was leaving her to go to work for long hours and Jess was getting stressed and barking.💔 This girl has been a star since coming to us. She loves everyone she has met. Jess adores having a cuddle and a fuss.😘 She travels well in the car and happily jumps in. Jess loves her walks and being out! This girl also loves toys. She’ll play all day if could.🤪🐾 Jess was a good girl at the vets and has started her vaccinations. She’s also passed a full health and is booked in to be spayed.🙏🏼 This girl is better an only animal within the household. Jess is ok with most dogs out on walks but doesn’t like them in her face or rushing up to her …. who can blame her. (It’s very rude!)😂 Jess needs a home where she can have plenty of walks and lots of love. She adores being with you and doing whatever you’re doing!🤞🏼 Please share far and wide so we can get her the home she deserves!🙌🏽 Remember to compete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;