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Everyone meet our next resident ..... Jen!💔😍 This poor lady has been through the mill. She is so scared of life and everything that comes with it. 💔 However there has been no aggression shown at all. She soon realises you aren’t a threat and then happy goes for a walk with you!🐶 Jen is only around 3 years old and is a small Lurcher who is a whippet cross. She is a stunning girl who adores being around other dogs! 😘 We will keep you posted on her development over the coming days! It won’t be long and she will love people and understand that the worlds not so scary!🐶 Please share this lady far and wide!🤞🏼 Remember if you’re interested in adopting Jen to fill out the form below! Jen update; This fab girl is coming on well! Her confidence is growing and she adores other dogs! 🧡 She is has passed full health check at the vets and started her vaccinations. 🐶Jen simply loves being out and about, she is now seeing the world as a positive place!💜