Dach x JRT
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Everyone meet our next poundie …. Jaxx.💔 Jaxx was dumped and never claimed by his owners. More detail regarding this will be given at a later stage of the adoption process. 🤞🏽 This lad is around 1 year old and is a Jack Russell x Dachshund. He’s not had the best environment previously so, from here on, we will do our very best for him as always. He has clearly been let down by all the people in his life.💔 Jaxx is a happy lad who has the typical Dachshund character. He is into everything and loves being on the go. Jaxx is really enjoying the freedom he now has and going on plenty of walks in different locations.🐾🐾 He is a little shy / unsure of new things but quickly understands he is safe. Jaxx looks for reassurance and direction from his handler. He is good in the car and loves a cuddle when he asks for it.😘 Jaxx is better suited to living with adults only, or teenagers plus, as he can be scared by fast movements or sudden noises. We can’t imagine what he has been through.😖 He has been ok with other dogs too. Jaxx barks but then settles and says hello nicely. This boy hasn’t seen anything or had the right socialisation but he is quickly adapting and loving it.🐶 We are looking for an empathic home for this lad, a home that will help him get over his past trauma and move forward with this as a team so we can ensure he as the best life possible. He will be someone’s best friend.🥰 Please share this stunning lad far and wide.🏡 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption: