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Everyone say Hi to ....Jasper!💙 Jasper came in to our care with Georgie, Dylan and Seb. Sadly as soon as we met Jasper we could tell he wasn’t a well lad. 💔 After spending his life in a court yard and having no proper care, we hoped we could find him his forever home like the others. However once we had done a few vet trips and tests we realised that Jasper is terminally ill at the age of 7 years old!💔 This lad was only 15kg when he came in and should have been around 25kg. He has liver cancer and he has stress related fits periodically 😭 So we have decided to make the rest of his life the best of his life. Therefore he will stay with us at hq, as he is more than happy here and moving him will cause him too much stress which then will increase his fits 🙏🏼 Whilst here with us, he is being treated like a king. He has medical care, lots of love and cuddles. A few short walks a day and balanced diet with the supplements he needs. This lad is so sweet, he loves every one he meets.😇 We don’t know how long he has. Our vets estimates a matter of weeks. However whilst he is with us we will continue treating him like a king!💙 Jasper will be a forever foster here at hq. As some of you know, you can sponsor any of our forever fosters monthly. This is a huge help towards the vet bills for the 19 forever fosters we currently have in our care. To find out more please follow the link below; https://almosthome.dog/sponsor/ Also we want to thank you for your on going support. Without you, we couldn’t save dogs like Jasper 💛