Middle Aged

Everyone meet Jasper!💙 This little man is a chihuahua and he is 3 years old. He is on the home from home system meaning he will stay with his owners until we find him a forever home!🤞🏽 Jasper is looking for a home due to the his owner feeling he needs more than they can give him. This little lad didn’t have the best start in life but he is full of character now!😍 He is good with children and adores human company. Jasper is ok with dogs once he has met them and he will happy go for a walk with other dogs. However we would prefer to the only dog in the household!👍 Jasper loves going for walks and he is fit and active! He walks well on lead and good off lead too! He can travel in the car happily and he is spotless in the house! Jasper will easily use a crate as well. This little guy can be left for a few hours without any issues. 💙