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Everyone meet our next resident….Jake!🧡 Jake comes with a warning; everyone who meets him just falls inlove with him. He is the sweetest guy who is very gentle and loving!❣️😍 Sadly Jake came in to our care due his family not having the time for him. This has results in him needing some TLC. Jake is a collie who’s 8 years old!🐶 Jake has been nothing but a star since coming in to our care. He is a gentle soul who needs his forever home, where he can be treated as he deserves.❣️😘 This lad is fab with people and good with sensible children. He adores other dogs and think everyone who say hi to him.💛 When we took Jake to the vets for his check over the main thing we wanted checked out as the bald patch on his hip. The vet believed to have been like this for a long time however it is a simply fix. He sadly had very full anal glands resulting in Jake feeling uncomfortable and chewing his hip. So they were emptied and he has some temporary meds to make him more comfy whilst his fur grows back. He is booked in for neutering soon and he is having a dental. Jake was the perfect patient in the vets. 🙏🏼🥰 In his foster home, he has settled well. He loves company and wants to be with you. Jake will jump in and out if the car and travels beautifully. This lad walks well on lead considering he hasn’t had many walk recently, he loves having a walk and coming home to relax! Jake has taken well to being groomed, we will save as much fur as possibly however he has some skin pulling matts.😞🐾 Whoever adopted this lad, is going to be VERY lucky!❤️ Please complete the form below with as much detail as possible, if you’re interested in adoption;