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Everyone meet our next resident…..Jaffa!💛 Sadly this lad has been returned to us around 6 months after his adoption. He originally came in to us from the pound and then was adopted. Sadly, him and the pack of dogs weren’t working. It was too much for him.💔❤️‍🩹 Now Jaffa is back in our care and we think he would be better as an only dog. He’s a young, active small whippet size lurcher. He loves people, he’s good in the house and travels well in the car.👌🏼 Jaffa knows a lot of commands and loves to do some basic obedience. He’ll do anything for some tubed cheese! Someone will have a lot of fun doing his tricks with him and teaching him more. He loves his toys and adores a zoomie or two! 🐶 Jaffa adores his walks however can be reactive to some dogs on lead. This isn’t aggression! He gets nervous and excited and doesn’t know what to do. We are currently doing sessions with him to help improve this and he’s doing great. 🙏🏼 This lad really wants to please and eager to learn. So we are looking for home will carry on this training and teach him the world of other dogs isn’t scary. Someone dogs he doesn’t react at all and some he is more reactive….. But as previously mentioned, he is adapting and learning all the time.🐶 Someone must have a place in their heart for a young, small lurcher who has the world at his paws and just needs someone to guide him!🙏🏼 Please share Jaffa far and wide!💛 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;