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Everyone meet our next resident…. Jack!💛 Jack has a frosty face as he is 9 years old and finally been allowed to ‘retire’. This lad has had over 100 races. It’s definitely time for us to look after Jack and find his perfect retirement home! ❤️‍🩹🙏🏼 This lad loves everyone he meets and everyone who meets him feels the same. He is a true gentleman who needs a quiet home with small walks and cuddles!🐾 Jack walks well on lead and travel well too. This lad is spotlessly clean in his kennel. He enjoys a good sniff and plod around the garden. He has been fine with other greyhounds and good when tested with a terrier sized dog too. 💛 This lad is booked in for urgent dental and neutering on Thursday. Hopefully he will feel a little better then. He loves his walks but can be a bit stiff after them. Jack has quickly learnt how comfy layers of duvets and fleeces are! 🥰😍 Please share far and wide, so we can find Jack his perfect retirement home! 🙏🏼 Remember if you’re interested in adoption complete the form below; Update on Jack 😘 We are still looking for Jack’s forever home 🤔 This boy is so easy…. All he wants is a place to snooze, a couple of short walks a day and a small garden to have a plod and the occasional zoomie! ❣️ He would be ideal for someone on their own who needs a companion yet can still offer short walks. We are looking for a quiet home for Jack where he can spend the rest of his days being looked after like a king!! 🥰 Jack was neutered last week and also had dental work done. He went into a foster home …. for the first time in his life at 9 years old and he has been amazing!! He is clean in the house and very relaxed. 🐶 He travels well and jumps into the back of a car with ease. 🐾 Please share this boy so we can find him a sofa to call his own!! 🙏🏼❤️‍🩹 Please complete the form below if you’re interested in Jack;