Collie x
Older Only

Everyone meet our next poundie ……. Izzy!🧡 Izzy was found as a stray, her previous owner contacted via her chip but no one came to claim her. At 14 years old, she was at risk of being put to sleep in a pound!💔 This girl is a sweetheart who clearly needs some TLC! She’s been fab so far with everyone she has met. Izzy has been good with other dogs as well.🫶🏼 She has been brilliant in the car and loves to travel. Izzy is more than happy to be handled too. Sadly she smell very strongly of smoke!😞 Izzy has been to the vets, over all she’s ok. She’s an older girl who needs to gain muscle and weight as she only weighs 14.2kg - she should be around 18-20kg. Her coat is dry and coarse, equally she needs a good bath and groom too! Sadly, Izzy has had sight issues and she’s hard of hearing.❤️‍🩹 This girl is booked in for dental and spay. Once strong enough we will restart her vaccinations. We are going to get in her foster over Christmas so she can be loved and cared for as she should. 🧡 We will keep you posted on this girl and how she gets on. For now; she warm and on a big comfy bed. 🫶🏼 Please share this sweetheart far and wide!🙏🏼