Everyone meet our next resident ….. Ivy!💜 Ivy is a Pomsky (Pom x husky) who’s just over 1 year old. Sadly she came into our care under very sad circumstances, however it means that her owner did right by her so she can find her forever home. 🏡🫶🏼 This girl is lovely however very shy. She went straight in to foster and is starting to relax. She’s a shy girl but very sweet. 😍 Ivy is currently in a foster home with a dog savvy child and another dog. She’s loving all the cuddles however is wary of the other dog. We feel she would prefer to be an only dog and have all the human attention.❤️‍🩹 So far, Ivy has proven she’s housetrained and loves her bed. She’s a good eater and has started to ask for attention. Ivy lvoed to be cuddled up with you on the sofa.🥹❤️ This girl has passed a full health check and re-started her vaccinations. Ivy’s booked in to be spayed as well. Shes was a good girl at the vets and everyone loved her!💛 Once this girl has her confidence we know she’ll be outgoing and adoring her walks. Shes a true adventure dog and simply loves learning. ⭐️ Ivy travels well and isn’t bothered by traffic. She’s pulls a tad on lead but is learning well. This girl is only small to medium sized and everyone says she looks like a fox!🦊 She has lovely thick fur and curls up right next to you. 🥹 Please share this lovely shy girlie, so she can find her forever home.🏡 Remember to complete the below if you’re interested in adoption;