British bulldog
Older Only

Everyone say hi to Ivy……sadly her adoption didn’t work out.😔❤️‍🩹 This was very unexpected and unusual. More details regarding this will be given to the at the interview stage of adoption. However we have learnt more about this girl and have a clear idea on what she needs. ❣️ Ivy came to us due to no fault of her own. She’s a 3 year old British bull dog who had a couple of litters. When our vets spayed her, they couldn’t believe the state of her internal from her previous caesareans. However she’s now spayed and has healed beautifully. No more pups for this fab girl. 💪🏼 This girl is growing in confidence and really enjoys being out and about. She travels well and greets everyone like a long lost friend. Her lead training is coming on well too. Since being in foster we have house trained her too. 👏🏽😁 Ivy is good at being left for a few hours in the day and loves a good cuddle at the end of the day. She’s a fab eater and is a strong healthy girl. Ivy is learning how to walk properly on lead however she is still strong for the first few moments. She’s a fit girl who enjoys a decent walk!🐾 Regarding other dogs, Ivy thinks most are trying to breed with her. However with help she’s starting to understand they’re not, but we feel a home as an only dog would be more suited. Ivy is happy walking with other dogs if in a controlled manner. 🐶 This girl has a lot of love to give and we feel she would suit a single person or adult only home. Somewhere she can really chill and decompress. Also someone willing to carry on her lead work and socialisation bearing in mind as a rescue we offer full behavioural back up if needed. Everyone who meets this girl just falls inlove!😍 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;