Hi everyone…. Please say a big hello to these 2 gorgeous girls with very big hearts ❤️ Daly and Ivy are an absolute joy and are our latest 2 arrivals from Haven Rescue. Daly (purple collar) is almost 2 years old and Ivy (red collar) had her 4th birthday yesterday! These 2 girls arrived with us in the early hours of Tuesday morning after a very long journey, and they have been so good given the huge transition and the very challenging temperatures. They both love people and a good ear rub! 😁 They have both been in foster homes and mixed with other dogs and children. They are greyhounds and as such do have that typical instinct to chase small furries so no off lead exercise other than in secure fields. We are finding out more about them but due to the heat we haven’t been able to walk them so they have just been playing in the shade and sitting together with our volunteers….. who all adore them!! We will update this post when we know more however so far they have been just brilliant! 🥰