Everyone meet our next Poundie ...... Ivy!😍 Ivy is a little heart breaker! She hasn’t had an easy life and it’s very likely she is a failed working collie, she approx 2 years old! 💔 This little mite, loves everyone. She is a tad shy at first but there is no aggression at all! She just takes a few minutes to trust you. Once she trusts you, you are her best friend!!💜 So far lvy hasn’t put a paw wrong! She has been brill with people and other dogs. She travels well and walks ok on lead! đŸŸ She is slowly learning to love her walks and adventures. This girl needs home with someone who has time for her and is willing to put in the effort to train and socialise her. She needs to see the post I’ve side to the world!!đŸ„° Ivy was fab at the vets and greeted everyone well! She assed a full health check and is booked in for spaying!!💜 Please share this lady so we can get her the best possible home!đŸ¶Remember to fill in the form below if you’re interested in adoption.