Jack Russel terrier
Middle Aged
Older Only

PLEASE ENSURE THAT ALL FAMILY MEMBERS HAVE THOUGHT SERIOUSLY ABOUT ADOPTION AND YOU ARE AVAILABLE TO ADOPT IMMINENTLY. Everyone meet our next poundie……Irwin!💙 This little lad again, came from the pound and no one came forward to claim him!😞 Irwin is the smallest jack Russel we have had in the rescue. He’s dinky and only weights 4kg! This lad is looking for a quiet life, someone to love and walk him. 💛 This lad is fine with dogs out and about but we feel he would definitely be happier as an only dog within the household. He loves his walks, food and his bed. He really doesn’t ask for much at all.🥺🧡 Irwin travels well and is ok being handled. However he likes space and time to himself after a long day of socialising. He loves his beds and buries himself under the blankets. 😍 He has been neutered and he has started his vaccinations. He has had a dental too as his mouth was very painful, he will be feeling a lot better very soon 🥰 Irwin came in microchipped, however the DOB on his chip would make him 5 years old. Our vets feel this is wrong and he likely to be around 10 years old. Could have been a simple data input mistake. 🐶 What we do know is, Irwin needs a home where he can have walks, a fuss and a big comfy bed. Someone to give him space when he needs it….. a retirement home!💛 Remember complete the form below you’re interested in adoption;