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Everyone meet our next poundie…..Ike!🧡 This lad has served his stray period and now he is with us. We are on a mission to find him his forever home!🐶 Ike is a sweet lad who loves to do what you’re doing. He has been brilliant with everyone he has met. Any of our volunteers can go in his kennels to take him for a walk or give him a cuddle and play with him. He loves his toys too!!! ❤️‍🩹 This lad is around 2 years old and he hasn’t seen much of the world. He’s a medium sized lurcher who loves to play with a ball. Ike is a handsome lad with a lovely nature. He has a few pressure wounds and a scar down his side…..So we don’t think he’s had it easy.😞 When out and about walking, he trots next to you beautifully. He isn’t worried about traffic and is happy walking with or without other dogs. We feel he could possibly live with another dog.🐶 Ike travels well and is eager to please. We feel, that he could go along way in the right home. He could live with dog savvy older children as well.👍🏽 We would love to find a home for Ike filled with walks and lots of cuddles. This lad does need someone who’s around most of the time. He certainly loves humans company.😍 Please share far and wide!🙏🏼 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption of this stunning lad;