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Everyone meet our next poundie....Iggy!💔😘 Iggy is heartbreaker that’s for sure!! She is a female whippet who is approximately 5 years old. However she has clearly had a rough life! 💔😞 This girl is ex breeding bitch, her skin needs medicated baths, she is out of condition, her undercarriage is saggy and she is a nervous girl but she soon comes around.☹️🧡 However this girls new life starts now. She has been seen by a vet and apart from her skin and general lack of care she is ok. She will be spayed as soon as possible so she never has to go through the pain again! Iggy has been fab with all dogs and people she has met so far!🥰 She has only just come in to our care so we will be doing more updates in due time. Please this little lady get her the home she deserves! 🤞🏼🐶 Remember to fill in the form below if you’re interested in adoption;