Fox hound

Everyone meet our next poundie…. Horace!💔❤️‍🩹 Horace was a stray who never got claimed. He is a hound and is around 18 months old. This lad is a heart breaker!💔🥺 He is the sweetest lad however he is very submissive and scared of new places. Thankfully he is adapting well and now understands he is safe. ❤️‍🩹 Horace has been great with other dogs and new people. He just need a moment to know you aren’t a threat to him. He adores being off lead in the paddock and turns in to a puppy again.🫣💛 The world outside is a little scary but he was amazing at the vets. He was happy to be handled and passed a full healthcheck. He just needs to gain some condition. However he started his vaccinations, flead and wormed, he’ll be neutered when ready. 🌟 He is doing really well meeting people and saying hello. Horace loves a cuddle, then zoomies and then his food. This lad is so sweet and will blossom int he right home.🥰 Horace will likely benefit form living with another dog/dogs. A confident dog to show him the way of life. He adapts well on lead and is doing short often walks at the moment with plenty of time in the areas where he is confident doing zoomies!🥺😍 This lad needs active home with confident dogs and people to make him feel safe and secure. We know his confidence will grow quickly and he’ll soon be the happy outgoing lad we know he can be. 💙 Please share this amazing lad so he can find his happy forever after! His life starts  now! 🏡 Remember to complete   the firm below if you’re interested in adoption;