Middle Aged

Everyone meet our next resident ….. Holmes!💙🩵 This lad is a stunning 4 year old, rescued greyhound. Throughout his life he’s ran 49 races and sat in a kennel for year before coming in to our care💔. At least he is now on his way to find his forever home!🫶🏼🏡 Holmes is a sweet boy who loves his walks and he adores human company. At first he was a little shy but his confidence is growing quickly here with us. Now he knows that humans are positive, he is wanting to be with us more and more!❤️‍🩹 So far, he has been good with others dogs but we will be testing him with more dogs over the coming days. He walks lovely on lead and really is a gentle lad. Holmes does like a zoomie that lasts a whole 30 Seconds 😂🐶 Holmes has loved learning about the real world, he loves meeting people and has been a gentleman with everyone so far. He travels well and enjoys a good sniff when out walking. Sadly he can’t be rehomed where there are small furies.🐾 We feel this lad could live with dog savvy children and could live with another similar hound or solo. He has a cheeky character waiting to come out the more he decompresses from the industry.❤️‍🩹 At the vets, he loved the attention. He has been neutered and had a dental scale and polish. Again, he needs to gain condition of his coat etc….he is very bald on his undercarriage and his back legs. Sadly, another typical consequence of the racing industry. Thankfully, good diet, clean living space and TLC will sort it out.💔😍 Please do share Holmes so he can find his forever home where he will be a family member!🏡🫶🏼 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;