Springer Spaniel
Middle Aged
Older Only

Everyone say hi to our next resident .... who’s personal details we will not be posting due to the sensitivity of the hand over.🐶 We have had a fab 7 year old springer spaniel who’s found herself in our care due to no fault of her own.💔 This little lady is fab, however is nervous. ( no aggression whatsoever). She loves everyone she has met so far and more than happy with all the cuddles you can give her. 😘 She has only ever been an outdoor dog so whoever adopts her would need time and patience. However she’s spotless in her kennel. 😁 This girl isn’t used to being on lead but she’s doing amazing so far. She loves her walks and sniffs everything!! She is brilliant at travelling and she’s booked in to the groomers so we can make her feel like a queen!😘 She has been good with other dogs, however if the household she needs a calm and confident dog. Not a dog in her face or pushy! 🐾 In time when this girl gets her confidence, she is going be someone’s best friend.😍Everyone who has met her so far as fallen head of heels in love with her!💜 Please complete the form below with as much details as possible, if you are interested in adoption;