Henry / Puma

Middle Aged
Older Only

Everyone meet our next resident ….. Henry! 💔❤️‍🩹 Henry is unfortunately finding himself back in our care after being adopted a couple of years ago. Sadly, his current owner has fallen poorly and he therefore needs a new home.☹️ Henry came to us from the racing industry in 2020 and we found him an amazing home, which he has been in ever since. We have until the end of this month to find this lad his new home as we are trying to avoid him coming back into kennels, since he is so well adapted to domestic life. 😘 This lad is housetrained, sleeps all night and is happy to be left for a couple of hours. He is a good on-lead and rarely has zoomies anymore. Henry does have a few doggy friends who are all large or medium in size. Sadly, he isn’t small furry friendly but has been good with dog-savvy children. 🙌🏽💛 Henry was originally called Puma when he arrived however, he knows his name now. He is a good eater and really enjoys sunbathing and belly rubs! He is now 6 years old and loves a relaxed home. 😍 Please share this gentleman far and wide so he can find his forever home. 🤞🏽🏡 Sadly, the reality is that Henry will find it a lot harder to find a forever home than most of our other dogs, due to the lack of interest in greyhounds as a breed. If, however, you have any questions, please give us a call and ask to speak to Lauren.💙 Remember to complete her form below if you’re interested in adoption: