German short haired pointer
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Update on Haymitch; This lad has been in foster for over a week now. He has been a super star!!🌟 Haymitch adores people and loves a cuddle. He has a fabulous nature…..He’s more than happy being handled and takes a treat well too. At night he has been sleeping in the kitchen without an issue. 💛 When out and about he has been brilliant with strangers and ignores other dogs. He travels well in the car and walks well on his Gencon. 🐾 The fosterers have left him for a hour or so without an issue so far and this is being built up steadily. His recall is coming along well and he loves to play fetch! 🖤 Haymitch is still like a big puppy and can get over excited from time to time. However with some basic training this is improving and will continue to improve over time with the right people.🙌🏽 He is a hungry lad so is still learning to leave you alone when eating. However he is clever and picking up this well. This is something to be continued in his forever home. 🐶 We are looking for an active home for Haymitch…..With plenty of exercise both mentally and physically. He can get bored fast so needs tiring out well. A good mix of mental and Physical stimulation would suit him perfectly! This lad is going to be better as only dog within the household. 🐶 Please share this lad far and wide. 🤞🏽 Remember complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption; Everyone meet our next resident…. Haymitch!❤️‍🩹 This lad has come in to our care via the girls at Haven Rescue in Southern Ireland! He is one cool dude!😎💙 He is a 3 year old German Short-haired pointer. He is fully vaccinated, microchipped and neutured. Haymitch is great with sensible female dogs but sadly can not live with other males. 🐶 He is a brilliant fella who walks great on a lead, happily walks by traffic and passes other dogs without an issue. He is very obedient and clever!! Haymitch loves his food and travels well. This lad is also housetrained and crate trained.🙌🏽💙 This cool dude needs an active home. Someone who can take this lad on adventures is ideal. Haymitch needs his mind and body exercising daily! He loves being with you and learning new things. Haymitch really will be someone best friend!🐶 Haymitch is a loving, goofy and friendly fella. We believe he could live with dog savvy kids that don't mind an enthusiastic pointer who gives kisses. Equally with a few more manners he will be spot on. 😍 Please share this stunning lad!💙 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;