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Everyone meet our next residents …. Harry and Harvey!💙 Both these lads came in to our care due to their owners being unable to cope. Their needs were more intense than they first realised. Harry and Harvey are brothers form the same litter who are now holding each other back developmentally. 😣 They have been in foster where we have been assessing them to see what’s best for their individual needs. It’s clear that they need rehoming separately. This is a choice we have made a team including two behaviourists, vets and their fosters.🙌🏽 Whilst in foster we have been walking them separately and they are enjoying their walks more and becoming more self confident and social.🐶 Both boys are nervous when they first meet new people and other dogs but quickly come around when they are separate.🫶🏼 These lads have just turned one year old and have now passed their healthchecks. We have had them neutered and they are vaccinated, chipped, flead and wormed. ✅ These lads are learning what the big world is about as they haven’t seen much prior to coming in. They are enjoying their walks and their lead manners are improving daily as is their house training.🐶 They are crate trained and good in the car. They are very typical dachshunds. It’s a fab breed but they aren’t toys. They are active, very switched on and need plenty of stimulation and exercise. 🐾🐾 💙Harry - Black and Tan - more nervous and takes a little longer to get comfy.  💜Harvey - dapple colour - more confident and outgoing.  These lads are hopefully a 10 year plus commitment. We need homes with plenty of time and patience. Please consider all above information before applying for these lads.🙏🏼 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;