Everyone meet our Happy Harvey!❤️ This lad is looking for a new home due to his current owners starting full time work. This means Harvey would be left on his own for very long periods of time!😔 Harvey is a 18 month old, black lab! He is a fab lad in all aspects! He adores people and other dogs. He currently lives with children without any issues, however can sometimes knock them over due to his age and energy level! He currently lives with a cat but Harvey can be bit boisterous towards him but the cat puts him in his place! 😁 Harvey loves being out and about! Adventures are his favourite thing. 😘🌲He needs a home which will exercise his mind and body!🙏🏼 This lad adores playing fetch however needs more than that! He needs adventures and mental stimulation too!💚 Harvey is house trained and can be left for a few hours without an issue. He travels well in the car too. He is walked on a gencon (head collar) as he is a tad strong and very excitable. His recall is brill 85% of the time but he just needs a little bit more work on that!🐾 Happy Harvey is on the home from home system meaning he will be staying with his owners until we find him the right home!🐶🙏🏼