Collie x Saluki

Everyone meet our next residents…… Halestorm and Pantera.🥰😍 These girls are collie x Salukis, who are around 8/9 weeks old. Sadly they came in to our care, after someone rescued their mother from an awful situation and then found out she was pregnant.💔 These girls are happy and well rounded girls. Both with completely different personalities. So as always when we rehome pups, we will match the right application to the right pup from the information that’s on the adoption application. Please ensure you fill it out with plenty of detail, to be considered!❤️‍🩹 Halestorm is blonde and cream and Pantera is brown with black. Both girls have passed a healthcheck and currently weigh 6.5kg. We have started their vaccinations, flead, wormed and micro chipped them too. They will go home with spaying contracts and we will pay for their spay once they are old enough. 😘 These girls are brilliant with other dogs and have been around dog savvy children without an issue. They are also cat trainable, if people have cat trained sighthound types before. However it is imported to remember that pups are hard work, meaning they bite, chew and do everything they shouldn’t! Pups are not easy and require a huge amount of effort!🐶 Both girls are clever and are picking up house training well. They adore their food and we have a feeling they are going to be medium to large lurcher size once fully grown. They are stunning inside and out!😘 Over their time in foster, they will be practising walking on lead ready for when they can go out on walks etc. They are fab at being handled and this is something we will carry on practicing as well. Both girls have had a bath too, after playing in the mud in the garden.🙈😍 Once fully grown these girl will need their body and minds exercising daily. They will be active with fabulous characters.⭐️ Please share this girls far and wide so they can find their forever homes.🏡 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;