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Everyone meet our next to poundie...... Gwennie!💔😭 Please note due to the number of comments we cannot respond to them all. Thank you for all your kind thoughts. (Warning;upsetting photographs!) This girl breaks everyone’s heart here at Almost Home Dog Rescue and she is probably the worst cases of neglect and abuse we have seen in the last 2 and a half years. Gwennie is a greyhound who only weighs 17.7kg. You can see everything that you shouldn’t on this girl!😪 She is covered in sores and wounds from head to tail, lots of presssure wounds too. She has got hardly any skin left on her pads, they are red raw and infected. She was covered in fleas and flea dirt too. 😥😡💔 We don’t know for certain what has happened or what she has been through, however it hasn’t been an easy ride for her. Her wounds tell the story. Gwennie couldn’t walk for the first couple of days with us due to how sore and painful her feet are. She didn’t have the energy or strength to stand for more than a minute!💔😭 Gwennie has been vet checked and is on Anti-biotics, medicated baths and creams. The vets believe she is around 5 years old and is an ex breeding bitch. She has wounds and sores all over her, yet she trusts us enough to take care of her. 🐶 Gwennie is now starting her new which she will be loved, cared for and adored. She will never be hurt again. Gwennie is a warrior! She has been with us for a couple of days and is going from strength to strength! 💪🏼she can now do a small walk on the grass!🐾🧡 Everyone must remember our girl Gwennie! 💔 She is a true warrior!💚 Well she is doing amazingly well 😘. It’s a week today, we all had our hearts broken! However seeing her wag her tail when she see’s us....well that’s special!🥰 This girl is going from strength to strength! 😍She loves her food, she loves her fusses and cuddles and most of her wounds are now heeling! 🧡 We have been back to the vets today with her for a review. She has gained weight and overall condition! Her back right paw and leg gave been she struggles with that leg alot more than the rest! 🐾 The vets are very pleased and amazed at her progress! She has gained 3kg exactly so she now weighs 20.7kg!!💪🏼💪🏼 They feel her back leg, which we are concerned about is an old injury. So we are keeping an eye on it. 🤞🏼 Gwennie is going back in a week for another review and possibly start her vaccinations!💛 Gwennies condition psychically and mentally is changing for the better. Her cheeky personality is coming out and she even tried to chase our yard cat Ollie! (she ran as fast as she could ... which isn’t fast at the moment!) 💛 Thank you for all the support we have had from you guys! This girl still has a long road ahead of her, however she is well on her way to recovery!💪🏼😘