Middle Aged

Everyone meet Grace and Samson!😘 These two are beautiful, both inside and out! They find themselves looking for their forever due to no fault of their own! We would love them to stay together however understand it’s a lot to ask! Pairs of dog are hard to rehome! 😔 💜Grace is a three year old, female rottie! She adores people and are fine with other dogs however is shy! She is crated when left as she feels safer this way! 💚Samson is a 3 and half year old, DDB cross rottie! He is a big lad who adores people and is good with other dogs. He is a big lump of a lad! Both of these dogs have lovely temperaments and adore fusses. Samsnon and graces happily travel in the car ‘ They are good with sensible children and adore going for walks. They are both walked in head harnesses and therefore walk beautifully! 🐾 These pair both need a new home, hopefully together with a bit of luck! They both need to go lose a few pounds too, which will happen with regular exercise and a good diet!😘 Owners description; ‘Samson is very friendly big boy loves a fuss by everybody. Very well socialised and independent with placid happy temperament. Loves to sit with you at home for cuddles. Grace is a lady and introductions are important but once made she is always happy to see you. Loves chasing the ball and everyone else's.. and Squirrels best kept on lead in the woods. A special loving dog around the home. Both obedient to recall, basic commands and house trained.’ We are looking for a home with large breed experience! 🏡 Get in touch today if you have any questions!💛 Please share these guys far and wide!🤞🏽