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Update on gnasher! (All his applications have been emailed this morning at 1045am) Since being in foster we have learnt a lot about him and his needs. This lad is like a new dog after grooming, his neutering and dental. He isn't as doddery as we first thought. This lad was perfect on the vets and at the groomers!🥰😇 Gnasher loves his walks and easy doing 2 x 45 mins walks aday and this increasing! He is getting better with hosuetraining but he isn't a 100% yet this needs to be carried on in his new home. (He is now only marking.)🐶 Gnasher loves his crate and it is his safe place, however he can get out on most gardens so this is something to be aware of too. He walks well on lead (exited at the beginning), loves people and travelling. He is good with dogs however we don't think he wants to live with one! 🐾 We have limited information on his lads past life however we can say, it wasn’t easy for him. However he doesn’t let it get him down. He trusts everyone. Gnasher has met his fosters family and that includes a sensible child which he was fine with!😘 Gnasher now adores a fuss and cuddle. He has finally understood what they are and is now addicted to them! 😍❤️‍🩹 Everyone meet our next poundie….. Gnasher! ❤️‍🩹💔 This lad came in to our care and has since been nothing but a star. He has taken everything in his stride….However, sadly it is clear that his lad hasn’t had an easy life. He was found with a broken chain on and no-one came forward to claim him either.💔 Gnasher is now safe in one of our foster homes and his new life starts now. This lad is good with people and ignores other dogs. He is good at travelling too! 😘 Not surprisingly, he has been a little shy to start with but is developing trusts slowly. He has shown no aggression whatsoever. We took him to the vets where again, he was brilliant. ❤️‍🩹 Vets have said he is an older boy around 10 years old. His heart and chest are good. We have restarted his vaccinations, booked him in for neutering and a dental. Sadly he does have an old injury which looks like a possible badger hunting injury. However it has heeled well and he is coping with it.💔🙏🏼 We are looking for a home where this lad will be spoilt…..Where he will be loved as a family and go on adventures! He loves being out and about, Gnasher can still do 45 mins walks etc. 🐾 Remember to complete form below if you’re interested in adoption;