🐶 Special appeal for Gizmo! 🐶 Some of you may remember gizmo from when we first started. He came in to our care due to not understanding the new born baby behaviour and becoming unsettled. Then we rehomed him and he has now come back in to our care after 4 years!💔 We rehomed Gizmo to a quiet home and a one to one basis….as this is what this lad needs. Unfortunately the adopter has since had a partner and another dog move in - resulting in Gizmo becoming unsettled and confused again. 💔 Gizmo came straight back to us and went in to a foster home with two adults. This lad hasnt out a paw wrong. He just needs a quiet household and chilled life!🐾 This lad is fab in the house - he’s happy to be left for a few hours, spotlessly clean and loves to sleep. He likes a few short walks a day around the block too. 🐶 When he came back in to our care, we notice Gizmo was overweight and needed a groom. Therefore, he has had a vet check, change of diet, a few short walks and a good groom. He looks like a new dog. 🥰 Gizmo is now 12 years old and yet again looking for his forever home. 💔🙁 He needs a home with an understanding of his situation and needs. Someone who is going to allow him to settle over time and not change his routine. A quiet household with no pets or children.‼️ Medically this lad has some cysts however the vet has stated they are nothing to be concerned about. He has two fatty lumps which are benign. This lad has a low grade heart murmur however it doesn’t affect him or his exercise. He is currently on no medication. Gizmo is on a diet and new walking routine which he is loving and taking to very well! 👌🏼🙏🏼 Remember if you’re interested in adoption and feel you are able to offer what this lad needs then complete the form below;