Cocker spaniel

Everyone meet our next poundie …… Fudge🧡 This guy was a stray and sadly was never claimed. 😔He arrived at the pound in an awful state and thankfully once his time was up we found an emergency foster home. 🏡❤️‍🩹 It was clear this lad hadn’t been a loved family member. He was matted, stinking, in pain and not used to the real world. His eye lashes were ingrowing and not been treated which had affected his vision. He has deformed toes which were infected and couldn’t urinate properly due to the matts!💔😤 Fudge is 18 months old and had clearly never been groomed. Thankfully one of our volunteers runs a dog groomers and fitted him in as an emergency 🙏Within a few hours this lad was looking and feeling a lot better! He was a star on the table and happy to be handled.✂️❣️ At the vets he was brilliant when having his health check and greeted everyone well. He has now been neutered and had his eyes sorted via entropion operation. He has started his vaccinations, been flead and wormed too. So far, his recovery is going well. ♥️Thankfully the vets feel that he should get more of his vision back now he has had the operation. 👀🤞🏽 Fudge travels well in a crate however won’t jump in. Once the car is moving, you don’t know he is there. He is happy travelling with or without other dogs. This lad has been ok around dogs so far however we are testing him further once recovered. He was interested in the cats however we think he was more confused than anything. Again, this will be tested further.🐱🐶 His manners on lead are coming along well. He gets very excited and once he got a scent, the spaniel DNA comes out! Nose down and tail up! He isn’t too worried by passing traffic when walking. However he adores being in the woods. 🐾🌳 Fudge is doing well at getting accustomed to living indoors. He loves snoozing on the sofa once he has sniffed every inch of the house. His house training is coming along well! We are starting to crate train him as well now, then we can practise him being on his own, knowing he is safe. We feel he could possibly live with older children. 🏡💪🏼 Please share far and wide for this lad, he needs a special home. 🤞🏽Someone very understanding and has the time to put in to his care, socialisation and training. He’s a very active lad who enjoys learning! Everyone who’s met this lad, adores him. He is such a character!⭐️ Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;