Jack Russell Terrier

Everyone meet our next residents Frankie! 💚 Frankie is 3/4 years old and he is a jack Russel terrier! This lad came in to our care a year ago due to ill health of his owner and unfortunately is back again as his adopter has moved house but there’s no garden and Frankie loves to potter around the garden and play ball!💔🐾 This boy is stunning and has the typical jack Russel terrier cheeky character! He loves to play ball! He will play fetch all day if he could. He is good on and off lead too!🐶 Frankie adores being outside and going on adventures! He is fab at travelling and really is mans best friend. Frankie loves his cuddles in the evening too!😍 This boy is more suited to be going an only dog in the household but happy to socialise outside of the home. He simply just wants lots of fun, love and exercise! 💛 Please share so find this little lad a forever home! 🤞🏼 Remember to fill in the form below if you’re interested in offering Frankie a forever home!