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Everyone meet our next poundie …. Frankie!💚 Frankie is a collie who’s around 9 months old, sadly this lad was stray and no one came forward to claim him! Thankfully we managed to find a space in time!💔❤️‍🩹 This lad is very bright and eager to learn. It’s clear he hasn’t seen the world and is a little unsure to start. Once he trusts you, he gives you his all!🥺😍 Frankie has clearly had some basic training done and as he knows some commands and is very treat focused. He will go far in the right hands!🌟⭐️ This lad needs a home full of adventures and both mental and physical stimulation. With someone who has the time to put in to him, he is going to blossom in to a fab dog. 🩵  Frankie walks well on lead, he adores being out and about. He’s learning what toys are and travels well too. He has been ok around dogs so far, we will continue to test him.🐶 This lad really needs someone who going to take him under their wing and show him the best side of life. Someone who’s empathetic and energetic! He needs a best friend to show him the way. Frankie looks for confidence in his handler.🥰 Please share this stunning lad so he can find his forever humans!🏡 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;