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Everyone meet our new poundie who is a tiny heartbreaker!🥰💔 This little has just come in today form the pound. He is called fletch and he is only around 1 year old!🙈 Fletch is only 3.2 kg therefore he is need of putting weight on, he also needs to build up his body condition. This poor little guy is need of some TLC! He passed a full health check however he needs to build muscle and increase his weight! But apart from that psychically he is fine! Fletch has beautiful teeth and health heart and eyes!🧡 This little dude hasn’t seen much of the world do he is a little shy. However he adores people and he seems to be ok around dogs too. Fletch travels well in a car and is more than happy in a crate!💚 Over the next few days we will know more about him as he is now in a foster home! With a bit of confidence building this lad will be full of character and personally! 💛 Please share this little love far and wide!🤞🏼🙏🏼