Cavalier King Charles
Older Only

Everyone meet our next residents…. Hope and Finlay.💙 This guys came in as part of group of dogs that were signed over via social services. More details will be given at the interview stage of adoption process however they weren’t getting their needs met sadly.💔 Hope is 4 years old and ruby coloured and Finlay is 3 years old. Both these guys have always lived together and they have a nice bond. They aren’t all over each other and will sleep separately but they do look for comfort in each other.❤️‍🩹 We would like to find these two a home together. They have been brilliant since coming in to our care. It’s clear they haven’t seen much but have really taken everything in their stride.🙏🏼😇 They have been spotless in the house and fab in their crate (safe space) over night. They are good around their food and love pottering around the garden.🍃🍁 Both dogs are a tad nervous of new people but this only lasts a few moments. Then they want to sit on your knee and have a cuddle. They both adore their fusses.❤️‍🩹 These guys are both good travelling and love their walks. We building up their strength up slowly but can do several short walks a day at the moment. They love learning about the outdoors.🐾🐾 Hope and Finlay are both in need of a calm home. They could possibly live with older dog savvy children. Somewhere they can truly have home comforts and lots of tlc.❤️‍🩹 Both dogs have been great at the groomers. They look and smell a lot better now too. They are booked in to be seen at the vets this week as well.🫶🏼 Please do share these gorgeous souls so we can find them loving home where they will treated like family members!🏡 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;