Yorkie x bichon
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Everyone meet our next resident …… Eve!💜 Eve is a one year old Yorkie cross bichon who sadly lived an awful life until now. She hasn’t seen the world and has simply been locked in a tiny kitchen all of her life. When she first arrived she was heavily matted and very scared of the outside world. 💔🤬 Fast forward a little while and she’s coming along in leaps and bounds. Now she’s in foster, she’s really understanding what life is about and making the most of it!! ❤️‍🩹 Eve has passed a full healthcheck and is really enjoying learning new things. Such as walking on lead, she’s picked this up in a matter of hours and absolutely loves a good walk and sniff. She’s one switched on cookie. She also now knows how to play with toys and absolutely loves it. ✅ At the vets, she’s was fab. She allowed a full health check to take place and passed it, all she needs now is to gain weight and condition. We have flead, wormed, and started her vaccinations and she will be booked in to be spayed once she’s up to a healthy weight. 🤞🏽 Eve was a good girl at the groomers too but was very nervous and unsure to start. As you can see from the photos she was heavy matted. 🤯 A huge thank you to Steph and Amanda for grooming her❤️‍🩹 In foster she’s with another dog without an issue and we think she could benefit from having another confident dog in the household. She seeks reassurance from other dogs and follows their lead, which is really helpful in her training. Eve is still getting the hang of housetraining etc but she is coming along well. 🤞🏽💜 We are looking for an empathic home with people who have the time and patience to bring this girl on. An understanding of the training and exercise needed going forward. As always we hear forever with behavioural support and rescue back up. She will need regular grooming too. 🫶🏼 Please do share this girl far and wide so she can find her forever home!🏡 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested adoption;