Fox Hound x Beagle

Update; These lads are improving daily, they are so much fun! 🤪 They are volunteers favourites! Both lads walk beautifully on lead and love adventures. They are fab in the car and happily jump in and out!🐾 Super friendly lads with everyone they meet. They walk fab with other dogs as well! They are crate-trained and house trained.🐶 Both lads love a cuddle and fuss!😘😘 What more could a person want…. The perfect hiking/jogging/scent work buddies!🐾🐾 Everyone meet our next residents….. Bert and Ernie!🖤🧡 🖤Bert is a 9 month old fox hound x beagle. He is Tri. 🧡Ernie is a 9 month fox hound x beagle. He is red and white. Sadly they came in to our care due to their owners not understanding the needs of young hounds and being unable to meet them. They are very clever, active and stubborn. Both get bored very quickly, then this results in mischief!🐶 These lads are full of cheekiness and character. They make us laugh daily! They can be strong on lead but we have gencon trained them and they are doing fab! They just love being out and about as much as possible!! They are typical of the fox hound and beagle in terms of their sense of smell and overwhelming desire to explore!! 🐾 These lad are good with people and dogs. They can be around old children who are experienced as they are very strong and bouncy.😘 They both travel well in the car and love watching the world go by. They are both fast learners. These boys are going to go far in the right hands.🙌🏽 These guys are not for the faint hearted, they need both mental and physical exercise and stimulation daily! A walk isn’t enough by any means!!🤪🐾 We are looking for a home with hound or beagle or working breed experience. We will consider them together or separate with other resident dogs, depending on application experience.🐾 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;