retriever x poodle
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Everyone say Hi to our resident ..... Eric!💚 Eric is a 9 month old, Retriever x Poodle. Sadly this lad was brought in to our care due to elderly owners not being able to meet this lads needs or cope with puppy traits. 💔 This lad has had some basic training but still has along way to go. He is very intelligent and active. He will need his body and mind exercising daily for the rest of his life. A walk isn’t enough! 🐾 Eric is good over night and loves his food. He adores playing with his kong and is simply a big pup! He is good with other dogs, greets people well and loves to travel. However he isn’t too keen on getting in the car yet.🐶 Ensure you have time for this lad for the next 10+ years. He needs a lot of time, effort and input‼️ Please share far and wide so we can find this lad the perfect home. Remember to complete the form below with as much detail as possible;