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PLEASE ENSURE THAT ALL FAMILY MEMBERS HAVE THOUGHT SERIOUSLY ABOUT ADOPTION AND YOU ARE AVAILABLE TO ADOPT IMMINENTLY. PUPS ARE VERY HARD WORK AND WILL CHEW AND DEMAND YOUR ATTENTION DURING ALL WAKING HOURS! Please say hello to our next poundies……. Serena and Emma 🧡💜 These 2 girls are 4-5 month old Labrador siblings and were in the pound. Due to the environment they have come from, they did not need to serve their 7 days so we took them into our care on Friday. ❤️‍🩹 Serena and Emma were immediately spilt and have gone into separate emergency foster homes so we can assess their individual personalities. 👌🏼 They are both living with other dogs and Serena with a cat. Emma is cat trainable. So far their emerging personalities are quite different. 🖤 Serena is the larger of the two pups however is calmer and a little nervous. 💛 Emma is smaller but full of confidence and mischief. ❣️ We are looking for homes for these two girls where their training can continue and they can both reach their individual potential. Older savvy children would be suitable.💙 Labradors are active dogs and you need to consider your capacity to keep them occupied, exercised and that they are a 12-15 year commitment. 👍🏽 If you are interested in Serena or Emma please apply via our website;